Sustainability is - and has always been - important to Midsona and the last few years the Group has taken major strides.

Midsona's sustainability strategy is based on the company's mission to help people live a healthy life. What a healthy life means is of course individual, but Midsona's interpretation is that it is about feeling good and being able to live a good life without risking future generations' possibilities of doing the same.

Our sustainability strategy is based on what we are best at, namely:

  • Understanding our consumers and being in phase with their needs
  • Having the best knowledge about health and about the central role that food plays in our daily well-being
  • Cooperating with our suppliers through the entire value chain and being able to require them to act in a sustainable way

This is how we did:

The framework for Midsona's sustainability report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. A meteriality analysis was done in 2016 through several internal workshops and customer surveys and the results were weighed together with Midsona's view of sustainability, business strategy, competitive situation and then became the starting point for the upcoming work.