Midsona should be where the consumers are. We do not exclude any channels, but assign priority to certain channels based on size. The sales department is structured according to the size of each customer, channel or the scope of the potential.

Midsona has a well-defined structure for the sales processes in all our countries. The basis entails working centrally with large customers in FMCG and health food retail. Other significant channels are food service, pharmacy chains, and other specialist retailers. The sales through e-trade are growing strongly and essentially doubling every year.

Health food retail and specialty stores

The Nordic market currently differs quite a lot from the European market. Especially in Germany, where a significantly larger share of the products are sold through traditional health food retail or specialty stores. So the German market is where the Nordic region was six or seven years ago. It is a challenge to follow this change at the same time that it is important since it means that the market will grow by the products becoming available to a significantly larger share of consumers.

Own sales force

Midsona mainly works with its own sales force, which streamlines the management of the sales process. Since the informaton paths are becoming simpler and shorter, salespeople can change or refocus their sales activities more quickly.